New Vendor Request


1.  Prospective Vendor

If you are visiting our website for the first time and are interested in becoming a vendor, you'll find a wealth of information on our Vendor Relations FAQ and Terms for Vendors pages.
2.  Prospective Vendor Application
If you are interested in becoming an approved vendor, please begin the process by creating an account on our vendor portal
For any questions about becoming a vendor please email or call Tel: +1 855 687-6249 
3.  LiveScan /Fingerprint Clearance Verification (VCI Vendors Only)

Summit Academy has implemented a vendor clearance procedure that does not include the use of our or any other schools LiveScan Fingerprint Form or ORI number. There are two options to provide Summit Academy DOJ Clearance Verification:

  1. ORI Number – Provide a copy of the ORI approval letter that includes the ORI number that was assigned to you by the Department of Justice; OR

  2. Background Check- Provide Summit Academy with a verification letter from the agency that currently performs background checks on my company's employees/volunteers.

      Refer to DOJ Agency Information,  and Vendor FAQs for more information.
4.  Vendor List 
Welcome to the Summit Academy's Approved Vendor List!