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Vendor Relations » Terms for Vendors

Terms for Vendors

  • Payment terms are Net 30.
  • Accounts payable will not process payment until the services have been completed and the vendor verifies this fact by transmitting an INVOICE by mail, email or online (vendor billing page-VCI vendors only).
  • Upon receipt of appropriate invoice documentation, Accounts Payable will issue payment.

Additional Terms-VCI Vendors

  • CONTRACTOR has two options for payment scheduling:
  1. Break course fee down by month so as to be paid at the end of each month, Net 30.
  2. Request lump sum, full payment for course semester/session fee so as to be paid at the end of the semester/session (when course has ended) Net 30.
  • CONTRACTOR shall be and is responsible for his/her own actions and conduct, as well as his/her own expenses in relation to any services or materials provided by CONTRACTOR in furtherance of this Agreement.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall be an Applicant Agency with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and provide clearance documentation to SCHOOL.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall conduct a criminal background check of its employees in accordance with Education Code Section 45125.I and, certify to the SCHOOL that no employee of CONTRACTOR working with students of the SCHOOL, has been convicted of a violent or serious felony as defined by statute, nor has a criminal action pending upon charges of commission of a violent or serious felony as defined by statute.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall supply SCHOOL with a list of those employees who are cleared to work with students of the SCHOOL.
  • The CONTRACTOR agrees to hold harmless and to indemnify the SCHOOL.
  • The CONTRACTOR agrees to perform the services described for the sum as contracted.
  • The SCHOOL is not responsible for any payments beyond the amount agreed upon as indicated by the PURCHASE ORDER and the Vendor Services Order Form.
  • Educational Specialist and Parent must have signed Family Service Order Agreement on file before instruction begins.
  • The CONTRACTOR agrees that Summit Academy/CalPrep has right to remove a Vendor for legal violations and/or parent/ student complaints of services. 
  • The CONTRACTOR may not begin instruction until Purchase Order has been received by vendor (on online billing system).
  • SCHOOL is not responsible for any payments before Purchase Order has been received by vendor.
  • The SCHOOL will cancel a student’s purchase orders if the student withdraws from the SCHOOL.
  • If student withdraws from class with vendor, the SCHOOL will pay for that full month in which student withdrew.