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Vendor Relations FAQ



Are you accepting new vendors?

No, we are not accepting vendors. 

How do I become a vendor?

If you are interested in becoming a vendor or have questions about becoming a vendor with Summit Academy please create an account on our Vendor Portal to get the process started.

You can also contact our Vendor Relations Team at or Tel: +1 855 687-6249 

What does VCI and EMR mean?

Vendor Course Instructor (VCI) is a person or facility that provides tutoring, art/music lessons, physical education classes and other similar instruction.

Educational Materials Vendor (EMR) is a business that provides curriculum, books and supplies.

Is there a deadline to submit the vendor application?

We are not accepting vendors. 

What are the payment terms?

All vendors must agree to 1) Net 30 payment; 2) Payment is initiated by vendor submitting an invoice; 3) Payments for classes are paid after service is complete either at end of each month or end of semester. Additional details can be found on our Terms for Vendors page.

Do I have to LiveScan fingerprint all of my employees and volunteers (VCI vendors only)?

You must be a DOJ applicant agency and provide certification to Summit Academy. By entering into this contract then you are certifying that none of your staff or volunteers who come in contact with students have been convicted of a felony.

Youth Organizations Application (DOJ Agency) go to

Or you can provide us with a verification letter from the agency that currently performs your background checks.

I LiveScan fingerprinted with another school/organization, do I need to go through the process again?

It is against the law for schools/organizations to share LiveScan results. The information is confidential and is protected by privacy laws. In keeping with the requirements of Department of Justice (DOJ), vendors WILL NOT be fingerprinted using Summit Academy's ORI number. However, you must be a DOJ applicant agency and provide certification to Summit Academy.

Where can I get my LiveScan fingerprints processed?

In keeping with the requirements of Department of Justice (DOJ), vendors WILL NOT be fingerprinted using Summit Academy's ORI number. However, you must be a DOJ applicant agency and provide certification to Summit Academy. DO NOT LIVESCAN USING SUMMIT ACADEMY'S ORI NUMBER. DOING SO COULD CAUSE YOUR VENDOR APPLICATION TO BE DELAYED OR DENIED.

How do I become a DOJ applicant agency?

You will apply for clearance directly with the DOJ and provide proof of authorization to Summit Academy.  Visit to find the information and the application.

How is becoming a DOJ applicant agency a benefit?

First and foremost, this is required by law in order to provide service to our students. Second, the authorization will legally satisfy the LiveScan requirements of all California schools (per DOJ) so you don't have to fingerprint every time you want to grow and provide service to other schools.

How long will it take to become an applicant agency with the DOJ?

The typical experience is that it can take up to 4 months for DOJ to process your applicant agency application.

If I don't have verification, am I still allowed to provide service?

We still accept your vendor application and allow temporary clearance via waiver which means you will still be able to provide classes and, the Vendor Department will check back with you periodically to see how the DOJ process is going.

As a vendor can I work with only one particular family?

To become a vendor with Summit Academy, you will need to make your services/materials available to all interested students as your schedule allows. If you are unable to work with a particular student, please contact our Vendor Relations Department



We are excited to announce an upgrade to Summit Central Ordering (SCO). SCO is used to process and track all purchase orders (POs), from family PO creation/request all the way to vendor PO being submitted for payment. 


Please take a few minutes to read through the instructions on how to access your VendorSCO account. You will be able to view all of your approved POs and easily submit POs for payment. February PO submission for payment will be open from February 26th on VendorSCO


Access your VendorSCO account

Link: VendorSCO 

Login: Your email address used to apply to Summit

Password: Vendor123. 


Once you have logged in using this generic password, click “Account Settings” to create your own unique password. Save your password!


View Approved POs

All of your approved POs will be listed. You can click each PO to see detailed information. 

Please keep in mind that it can take up to 10 days from the day a family places a request to the day the PO is visible on your end. 


Submit POs for payment

Please click here to watch the SCO instructional video showing where you can view PO’s in VendorSCO and how to sign them for payment.  

Only PO's submitted through VendorSCO will be paid for February 2019 POs. You do not need to email an invoice effective immediately. 

PO’s are to be signed and submitted for payment until the end of the service month. Net 30 terms begins once you sign and submit.


Payment Details

Our payment system covers multiple sister schools. If you service students from any of the sister schools you will receive payment separately from each school. These payments may not arrive at the same time as they are batched separately. 

Direct deposit (also referred to as e-payment) is highly encouraged. Your payment will arrive several days faster and it is more secure. If you would like to set up direct deposit please email You will receive a direct deposit invite for every school you service as each school is treated as it's own entity. You must set up direct deposit for each school you service.


We expect these upgrades will make it easier for you to manage your POs and payments. Thank you for supporting Summit students and families in their educational journey.