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Summer with Summit 2018

*This page is under construction! Check back later for updates!*

Thank you so much for your interest in the Summer with Summit program provided by Summit Academy.

This opportunity is available to students in public school, private school, homeschoolers who use other charters, unschoolers, and, of course, Summit Academy students.


Summer with Summit is officially launching on May 1st, 2018.

Our program runs from July 2- August 31, 2018. The allotted funding for summer is a great way to keep children actively learning (sports, music, math, reading, writing, and more during the summer months. Our Summer with Summit families enjoy continuing to explore and learn from the world’s classroom throughout the summer months!

So , read below to get started. . . your children will thank you!

How to Enroll

Go to and click ENROLL.  Please thoroughly read the instructions on the enrollment page before clicking To Enroll.


Education Specialists will be assigned to students at the beginning of May 2018, this should  give you plenty of time to plan your summer.

Incentives to being a Summer with Summit Student!


Referral Program

For every student that you refer, that stays enrolled with Summit Academy for the Fall 2018-19 school year you can earn an additional $25 in funds.


Summer with Summit Read-a-thon

Let’s encourage our children to read this summer!  There are so many benefits to reading.  We have broken up our districts into regions and grade level groups.  Each group will have a winner and a runner-up.  Prizes will be announced at the end of July, winners will be announced at the end of August.  Please read this for more details.


How it works!

Funds & Requirements

Funds! Summer with Summit offers $500 to each enrolled student.  Students receive $250 in July (orders need to be submitted by June 20, 2018) and $250 in August (orders need to be submitted by July 20, 2018). Upon enrolling, your student is assigned to a credentialed summer school Education Specialist.  Note that we will make every attempt to pair you with your current ES if you are a Summit family, but you may be assigned a Summit summer ES just for the summer term.


Requirements! After your initial contact with your ES to sign the summer paperwork and ask all the questions you want to ask, you will meet over July-August (2 times). While these face-to-face meetings for summer can be in person (if distance is not an issue), they are generally via Skype/FaceTime/Google Hangouts or other such platform.  Your ES will collect 2 samples from you, one for July and one for August. .


EACH STUDENT IS ENROLLED IN ONE SUMMIT COURSE FOR THE SUMMER! A student may be enrolled in more than one vendor camp or class, but the course for which your student is getting credit or a grade is the ONE Summit class. This is the course listed on the Master Agreement (MA) you sign. The sample you provide your ES should match the Summit course as best as possible.

Example: Mary is in 7th grade. Her ONE Summit course is Language Arts. Her parents have signed her up for a vendor acting class, an art camp, and have used her funds to purchase some science kits. The sample she turns in to the ES should match Language Arts as best as possible since this is the Summit Course on the MA.


All of this works and the ES fits it all under the description for Language Arts.

Using Your Funding: Ordering!

Students will be able to start placing orders as soon as their assigned ES has confirmed that their Master Agreement, parent waivers and department acknowledgements have been received.

To streamline purchase orders this year, each student may place up to 5 orders for the entire summer.

Example: Mary is taking a dance camp vendor class (mom places one PO order). That leaves her 4 POs. Mom can now order curriculum (a Timberdoodle PO could include up to 10 items per PO) or another vendor class or two, etc. The Master Agreement will list only ONE Summit course (language arts, math, etc.)


Your ES will help with any questions & help you make the most of your 5 POs for summer..

Streamlining POs will help our very short Summer with Summit to run as smoothly as possible and allow our Vendor Department enough time to get all students what they need.


Summit Academy looks forward to having you and your children as a part of our amazing Summer with Summit program.


If you have any questions, please reach out to us by contacting your assigned Education Specialist or use the department contacts below.


Vendor Department: 760-571-9770 or


Enrollment Department: 949-791-9916 or