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Register Now for Your 2017 Summer School Courses!


Summit Academy is very pleased to be able to provide its students this 2017 Summer Session with some exclusive offers brought to you by our amazing vendors!  Students have the option of selecting one of our exclusive courses here, or creating their own course using our list of approved vendors and up to $500 in personalized funding!  We are adding exclusive offers and special Summit pricing camps as soon as they come in, so be sure to check back often!


To view our Summer Session course options, please click here.


To place an EMR order (for materials), please click here.


To place a VCI order (for classes), click here.


*Be sure to place your EMR orders first as funds for summer will be applied to EMR orders prior to VCI orders.



  • Students must already be enrolled to register for a summer school class. The 2017 Summer School Course Registration form does not constitute enrollment. To enroll with Summit, please visit our admissions page.
  • All class options listed are offered as a part of a regular Summit Academy summer school class. Classes are 6-8 weeks long. Please review the syllabus for the corresponding class in which your student is enrolled. This will let you know what is required for each class.
  • Required samples to be submitted to Summit Academy Teacher of Record: 2 samples across 2 meetings, covering a minimum of 3 of the standards listed on the course syllabus.


Summit Academy will host several Webinars to review summer options and requirements for samples. Schedule will be posted May 15, 2017 at


General Summit Academy Classes Offered:

  • Language Arts/English; Math; Science;
  • Social Studies/History (World, geography, U.S., Govt./ Econ);
  • PE;
  • Visual & Performing Arts;
  • Technology;
  • Other electives.  


Note: the courses listed here may be used as a part of fulfilling the 2 required samples for the general course in which the student is enrolled. For example: Bach’s Children’s Choir’s one week music camp is a part of Summit Academy’s Visual & Performing Arts summer course offering. Check the syllabus to see what other standards/skills/content your student will enjoy by taking this course.