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Approved Vendors


Welcome to the Approved Vendors search page!  Below is a link to view approved vendors for Summit Academy.  
  • An Educational Materials Vendor (EMR) is a business that provides curriculum, books and supplies. These vendors are listed with (P) for products. Most EMR vendors are available throughout California.
  • A Vendor Course Instructor (VCI) is a person or facility that provides tutoring, art/music lessons, physical education classes and other similar instruction to Summit Academy students.  These vendors are listed with (S) for services. Most VCI vendors are only available in specific regions.
  • NOTE: Vendors are added weekly as they clear. Please check back often!
Please click here to see our most up-to-date list of vendors.
Vendor Testimonies:
"This is our first year as a vendor for Summit Academy.  We have really enjoyed working with them.  Our interactions with teachers, students and administrators have all been positive experiences.  We highly recommend this charter school."
Ivanna Stanfield and Maria Jadric
Instructors at Tehachapi Martial Arts Center